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Sing Ye All Noel - BG2500
Sing Ye All Noel

Released: 2007 Composer: Traditional 
Arranger: Chuck Bridwell 
Voicing: SATB


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 Chuck Bridwell, a Baptist music director in Waco, Texas, lifted this well-known Spanish Carol and has adapted it for use in churches and schools everywhere. Maintaining a Renaissance flare with a cappella voices and percussion, his joyful Christmas text makes for a great anthem or introit. The repetitive nature makes it an easy learn, but the energy of the piece will ensure an enthusiastic response.

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Sing Ye All Noel

Music by…. Anonymous 16th Century Spanish Song
Lyrics by… Chuck Bridwell
Arranged by… Chuck Bridwell

Historical background on this lyrics/music…

The music for this song is based on the 16th century Spanish villancico, Riu, Riu, Chiu, which was printed in1556 in the collection Cancionero de Uppsala which was comprised of 53 anonymous songs. A villancico is a 15th... [read more 4]

Musical things to consider in rehearsal…

The tempo of this song should remain upbeat and steady throughout the entire piece. No ritard at the end. Be sure to observe the dynamic contrasts in the refrain to create musical interest. The tambourine/drum part, if utilized, needs to be ... [read more 4]

Comments about using this piece in the context of worship…

Since Sing Ye All Noel is a cappella, the question of how to begin the piece with a smooth transition may take some effort. One idea might be to sing O Come, All Ye Faithful ahead of this piece. Since it is usually sung in the k... [read more 4]