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Declare, My Soul, The Greatness Of God - BG2514
Declare, My Soul, The Greatness Of God

Released: 2007 Composer: Traditional, Edwin Willmington 
Arranger: Edwin Willmington 
Voicing: SATB


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 There are many great things about this majestic anthem: the stately tune, the cathedral organ quality, the honoring Psalm 103 text, the congregational involvement, but perhaps most noteworthy is the creative worship options. Dr. Edwin Willmington, from Fuller Seminary's Brehm Center not only provides notes in the music, but encourages further learning through web-based resources found at This new Brehm Center series affords an extensive array of outstanding ideas to make a worship service more meaningful. Rehearsal Trax available separately.

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Declare, My Soul, the Greatness of God

Music and lyrics by Edwin M. Willmington, based on Psalm 103
Also using Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
Music attributed to Stralsund Gesangbuch, 1665 and lyrics by Joachim Neander;
translated by Katherine Winkworth

Historical background on this lyrics/music…

The Praise to the Lord, the Almighty text and tune have a rich heritage. The writer of the text has a particularly interesting story. Joachim Neander was born in 1650 as Joachim V…the fifth Joachim Neander to become a pastor in the Br... [read more 4]

A personal note from the composer/arranger…

This piece of music was commissioned for a very specific event, as noted by the information above the title on the octavo. The Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching was established under the umbrella of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theo... [read more 4]

Giving spiritual content/context of the piece to the choir…

Praise is one of the things that flows from the heart of Christian musicians. We love the loud and let-it-all-loose opportunities that come with anthems of praise. Declare, My Soul, the Greatness of God has those opportunities ... [read more 4]

Musical things to consider in rehearsal…

The opening of the piece is very trumpet-like, so make sure that you encourage emphasis on crisp consonants – not just big volume. By contrast, work hard at flexible and smooth expression of the text between measures 32 and 72. Notice that t... [read more 4]

Comments about using this piece in the context of worship…

There are many types of expressions during this piece. There is loud declaration, emotional descriptions of things to praise God for, there are spoken prayers, and wonderful times for the congregation and choir to join voices to fill the wor... [read more 4]