Elmo Mercer

Birth Date - Feb 15, 1932

Music Background - No college degree!

    Two years of piano lessons in 4th and 5th grade

    Became church pianist at age 13

    Composed first gospel song at age 14

    At age 19 agreed to Benson staff writer contract

    Composed "Each Step I Take" a few months later (age 19)

    Jan 1, 1961 moved to Nashville to become Benson Music Editor, held this position over 20 years

    Retired from Benson in early 1981; traveled with wife, Marcia, nationwide in church music evangelism for 19 years

    Currently free-lance writer; pianist/arranger/band leader at Park Ave Baptist Church in west Nashville, TN

    In 1957 I was voted into ASCAP membership as a writer - and have received over 30 annual awards

    Arranged music for all the "big names in gospel music", including nine years as Bill Gaither arranger

    Mark Lowry was brought by his mother to Benson when he was 12 years old; I arranged his first album

    In early 2001 a "Singing News" columnist listed me in the top ten gospel songwriters of the century!!

    I've written over 1,600 songs; had about 600 published/recorded . First artist to record "Each Step I Take was Slim Whitman. Many others have recorded it, including George Beverly Shea, Ray Robles, Carl Olivebring, Ira Stanphill, etc., etc.

I'm available for workshops, concerts, retreats, Senior activities, etc., preferably scheduled in mid-week

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