From My Heart To Yours

From My Heart To Yours
A short devotional for church musicians from the pen of
Rev. Bryan Jeffery Leech 

December 1, 2007
The Grand Miracle

Every now and then, a music publisher calls me and asks me to create a lyric for another writer or to provide him with words and music for a ballad, a carol, a cantata or some seasonal worship materials.

          What usually happens is that these compositions are written out of season so that the finished work will be ready for choirs to rehearse in the fall ready for performances in late December. I remember writing my first children’s book, which had an Irish setting and a Christmas sequence, in the heat of August in Palm Springs. Maybe a trip to Ireland would have been preferable, but somehow the physical contrast between California and the Erin Isle seemed to aid our creativity. Similarly, there’s something good about listening to Christmas music and creating when you’re freed up from all the excessive seasonal customs that create usual Christmas atmosphere.

C.S. Lewis called the Incarnation “The Grand Miracle.” Take out your Bible, in a modern translation, and read the story through in Matthew or Luke. Do it in one sitting. Train yourself not to remember it so that you allow its simple surprises to astound you. If you’re not excited by this brief epic story then you won’t bring much pizzazz to the pieces selected for holiday worship. But if with childlike wonder you see the narrative with a new freshness, your very insight will come through touching the various congregations with a contagious joy.
Recite “Joy To The World.”
From my heart to yours,



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