From My Heart To Yours- Past Articles

From My Heart To Yours
A short devotional for church musicians from the pen of
Rev. Bryan Jeffery Leech 




Living The Lyrics
October 1, 2007

When Trevor Nunne decided to restage the Rogers & Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma” at London’s Olivier Theater, he insisted that there be no singing for the first two weeks of rehearsal. The lyrics of the score were treated as dialogue of the play text, to be acted before the melodies were allowed to underscore them. [read more]

It's About The Words
October 15, 2007

On a visit to England in the late 80s, I was invited to meet Julie Andrew’s longtime friend and vocal coach. Madame Stiles-Allen was a sprightly ninety year old, full of energy and the joy of teaching anyone who wanted to sing. When I complimented her on Julie’s impeccable diction, she said, pointing to the ceiling, “Well, in the beginning was the Words, in more ways than one.” And then she added, “Singing is nothing more nor less than musical speech.[read more]
Thanksgiving Memories
November 15, 2007
In the Fall of 1955, I experienced my first American Thanksgiving in a magical place, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Two years later I spent twelve months in Boston, when I immersed myself in early colonial history with frequent visits to Plymouth. It became my favorite national holiday.[read more]







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