Thanksgiving Memories

From My Heart To Yours
A short devotional for church musicians from the pen of
Rev. Bryan Jeffery Leech 

November 15, 2007
Thanksgiving Memories

In the Fall of 1955, I experienced my first American Thanksgiving in a magical place, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Two years later I spent twelve months in Boston, when I immersed myself in early colonial history with frequent visits to Plymouth. It became my favorite national holiday. Simple, pristine, quaint and devoid of hoopla. The season prompts us to gratitude just as it echoes the Old Testament’s insistent reminders to acknowledge our blessedness before the Lord. For as we notice in training our children, saying thank you is not “doin’ what comes nat’rally” but doing something that is far from instinctive. It is a hard habit to maintain, for we so frequently forget to remember. 

Read Psalm 136 antiphonally or divide the verses between the sections of the choir.

Go home and write notes of appreciation to church members who have been encouraging and welcoming to you during the past year. The nice thing about notes, if you keep them, is that you are blessed a second time by re-reading them. And you’re certainly blessed in sending them.
PS. Perhaps we should ditch Christmas cards and send Thanksgiving notes instead.

From my heart to yours,



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