Declare, My Soul, The Greatness Of God
Historical background on this lyrics/music…

The Praise to the Lord, the Almighty text and tune have a rich heritage. The writer of the text has a particularly interesting story. Joachim Neander was born in 1650 as Joachim V…the fifth Joachim Neander to become a pastor in the Bremen area of Germany. He lived and walked in a beautiful valley that was eventually named for him – the Neander Valley. The beautiful scenery in that valley apparently drew from him the verbal pictures of nature found in this hymn.

What is interesting is that two hundred years later the valley area was owned by a man who mined some of the valley for limestone. In the process, there were some bones discovered. A local science teacher claimed that the bones belonged to someone who had died in the Flood of Noah’s time. Since the German word for valley is “thal,” the bones became referred to as “Neanderthal” man – get it? Neander and thal? Quite a way to remember the writer of this well-known hymn text!

The tune, Lobe den Herren, is attributed to the year 1665. It is said that Neander personally chose this tune for his hymn. It is not believed that the text has ever been sung to any other tune.