Declare, My Soul, The Greatness Of God
Musical things to consider in rehearsal…

The opening of the piece is very trumpet-like, so make sure that you encourage emphasis on crisp consonants – not just big volume. By contrast, work hard at flexible and smooth expression of the text between measures 32 and 72. Notice that the basses sing their syllables in measure 38/39 in a different place than the other voice parts. At measures 91-102, emphasize a recurring theme that states, "all that is within me, come before Him."

Take note that the first three verses of Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (or however many of them you decide to do) are quiet and smooth. This is not how those verses are normally done. Since the congregation is invited to join at that point, the choir will provide great leadership by having a reserved and more devotional approach to those verses. Save it…the big stuff will come!!! It would also be good in rehearsal to ask the choir to get used to bowing their heads at the time for the prayers between verses. This will also be great visual leadership that the choir can provide for the congregation.

Once you arrive at measure 137, it can be HUGE to the end! You’ll be glad you saved it while you had the chance! Incidentally, if you’re looking for a longer Call to Worship, it will work to start at measure 131 and go to the end…with the congregation joining at measure 145. Notice the soprano descant. It may be enough for just the 1st sopranos to sing that line. Once you get to the repeat of “Let the Amen sound from His people again,” then your heads should be up and clearly declaring the greatness of God…complete with all the AMENS!