A Still, Silent Night
Musical things to consider in rehearsalů

Naturally with the nature and focus of the piece, a smooth and predominantly quiet approach would be appropriate. This approach also implies that each phrase should have a nice beginning, then move toward a high point, and then diminish at the end. This will create forward motion to the piece and provide musical interest. The one place that the choir can let it out a little more is at mea. 48. That only lasts for about 10 measures, and care should be taken to have a nice, smooth decrescendo in mea. 58.

Though the harmonies on the two carols are quite traditional, the choir should be encouraged to not relax too much. By keeping the same attention to the rise and fall of good phrasing and full harmonies, they will support the congregational participation to a greater extent.

Visually, the choir should be encouraged to be well-focused and quite still during the introduction to the piece. This will provide the proper attention for the audience as the piece begins.

Perhaps to further emphasize the theme of quietness in the piece, take some rehearsal time to be silent and meditate on the scene of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in a stable. Following the time of silence, allow some moments for members to tell others in a small group around them, or with the whole choir, what their thoughts were in meditating on that scene.