A Still, Silent Night
Comments about using this piece in the context of worship…

There are several suggested options for using this pieces in the context of worship. Here are a few, but don’t hesitate to be creative and find your own that works for you.

  1. Since this piece is a part of a series that is meant to encourage choral participation with your congregation, we hope you will allow the congregation to join on the one verse of Silent Night and one verse of O Little Town. They are arranged in traditional form so that there is no rehearsal needed – just turn and let the people join, or project words at the appropriate place in the music so the congregation knows when to sing. They will enjoy being a part of the choir!
  2. The piece would be very appropriate in the context of a dramatic moment around the manger, if you’re doing that style of presentation during the Christmas season. Imagine the manger, Mary, Joseph, some shepherds – maybe even a sheep or two!– being quietly in place while the choir and congregation sing this piece as they view the scene.
  3. An effective possibility might be to have Mary and/or Joseph sing the melody of the initial chorus (mea. 9-20) while the choir sings an "Ooo" vowel on the parts. This would be particularly nice if Mary and Joseph were looking into the manger in a dramatic scene. The congregation and choir could then join on the rest of the piece as written.
  4. This piece would be well placed early in the Advent season or in a Christmas Eve service. In both cases, the lyrics emphasize that we should take the time to bow in awe because a Savior has come – "the wondrous Gift is giv'n."