Hinshaw Music offers a wide variety of both sacred and secular music for church and performance choirs all over the world – and it has been doing so for over 40 years!  Among all the incredibly talented composers at Hinshaw music, this month we highlight on the music of composer Sherry Blevins.

Sherry Blevins is an exceptionally talented teacher, conductor, lyricist, and composer. She wrote her first composition at the age of 45, and she has enjoyed composing for many different singers and choirs since then. Having received her Master’s degree in Music Education from Appalachian State University, she has thoroughly enjoyed teaching various grade levels for many years. Her talent as a teacher was recently recognized when she was awarded the Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Award for the College of Administration. She currently serves as the Supervisor of Student Teachers at Appalachian State University, and she is also an active music director, piano teacher, and voice teacher.

Sherry Blevins’ Inspiring Music

Hinshaw Music is proud to publish the work of Ms. Blevins. At this time of year, her beautiful compositions come to life and highlight the changing seasons of life.  Fly Away is a touching piece composed by Ms. Blevins in honor of the inspiring role that her mother played in her life. Each verse represents a season of the composer’s life – from early childhood to the time she left home for college. The song is written for 2-part treble chorus with piano and optional descant. The beautiful overlapping melodies convey the emotion of the lyrics as they speak about a mother encouraging her child to dream big and soar. An optional solo, an optional descant, and an optional a capella section within the piece allow choir directors to choose how the piece will be performed in a way that uniquely fits their choir  – no matter the age or ability level. Fly Away would be an exceptional selection for Mother’s Day, graduation, retirement, or any other service or performance that is meant to honor parents, teachers or mentors.

Another fantastic piece written and composed by Shirley Blevins offered at Hinshaw Music is Watch Me Fly. With a very similar theme to Fly Away, this selection would be ideal for graduation ceremonies or culmination services. This piece is also written for a 2-part treble chorus, with piano, descant, and an optional solo, as well as an optional adult chorus. Ms. Blevins originally crafted Watch Me Fly to be performed by a children’s chorus, but she offers detailed performance notes at the beginning of the edition published by Hinshaw Music that explain the use of the optional adult chorus, as well as optional physical cues that the choir may add to the performance.Fly Away and Watch Me Fly are but two of many beautiful works published by Sherry Blevins at Hinshaw Music. Each composition showcases the inspiring talent of Ms. Blevins, and the beautiful emotion that brings her compositions to life will enrapture audiences everywhere her music is performed. Music such as this will continue to impact the hearts of listeners for many generations to come.