Here in choral music publishing, we like to take advantage of every little experience that comes across our path and turn it into something exciting. For example, a couple of months ago, we moved our office across town, and we all found it very thrilling… maybe a little too thrilling. Although our Social Media Manager, Chris, did not document the event, those of us in the office are still talking about it several weeks later.

However, every now and then, something actually worth talking about will happen in the Fred Bock Office. A couple of weeks ago, we were approached on a Thursday afternoon by our fearless leader, Steve Bock, with a proposition: those of us who do not usually come into the office on Fridays were welcome to come in the following day… to meet Bill and Gloria Gaither.

I was pretty excited – I’m only the intern! Bill and Gloria Gaither have been making beautiful, powerful music for decades. I’ve grown up singing and listening to their music in church, in the car, and around campfires. When I took the news back to my family and friends that I was going to go into work the next day to meet the Gaithers, they used words like “legends” and “icons”. My co-workers felt the same way. Many of us grew up listening to these songs. Stephen O’Bryan, our IT Director, remembers his parents bringing him along to Gaither concerts when he was young (so a very, very long time ago).

The Gaithers have been longtime friends of Fred Bock and his wife, Lois Bock. It was Lois Bock that organized a luncheon for past and present members of the Lake Avenue Church of Pasadena and invited Bill and Gloria Gaither to attend.

The Gaithers Visit

Their visit to the office on the way to the luncheon wasn’t very long, but it was certainly memorable. The Gaithers radiate so much kindness, and their sense of humor keeps everyone laughing. While here, they talked about what it’s like to be very excited to have young people at their concerts, only to hear the young people tell them, “My mother loves your music!” (I kept very quiet and did not mention how much my mother loves “Because He Lives”).

The Gaithers were nice enough to take a few photos with us lowly choral people (good for PR) which gained the attention of many of my Facebook friends – and suddenly I became almost popular for a very, very short time. While in the office, Bill and Gloria signed a copy of one of the piano books in our Fred Bock catalog, Piano Favorites of Bill and Gloria Gaither, for Alicia, our Hinshaw rentals manager.

All around, we had a great time. I know that I certainly made some great memories. It was very refreshing to meet people who are such colossal figures in the music world and see that they are still so personable and down-to-earth. The music that they have given the world is truly timeless. I – as well as my co-workers – feel so blessed to have been able to meet the Gaithers. I guess working in choral music publishing is not without its perks – and we look forward to the many other exciting adventures that will come our way here in the Fred Bock office!