As professional musicians, our job allows us the luxury of being surrounded by beautiful music every day. For a lot of us, this may be the very reason that we chose music for our profession!  We envisioned ourselves living a life of pleasure, surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people, listening to and performing powerful music, impacting people’s hearts and then inspiring them to do great things. Music, like many other arts, is easy to get lost in. 

All of us have probably at one time done exactly that. It’s easy for us to fantasize about making a difference in the world through music. Music teachers and choir directors especially may have dreamed of making that difference. It would be wonderful to imagine yourself doing something you love while, at the same time, making a lifelong impact on students and their families.

Fortunately, this is a dream that they get to fulfill every day. I’ve had the privilege of watching that dream come true. There have been numerous choir directors that I have had who instilled in me a deeper love for music that I still carry with me today. To them, I will always be grateful.

However, life isn’t always easy in the world of a choir director. There are auditions. There are callbacks. There are rehearsals. There are concerts. And there are those singers that just cannot seem to get their part no matter how many times the accompanist bangs it out for them on the piano! All of these things can contribute to a choir director’s growing number of grey hairs (or their lack of hair, in many cases). All of the stress that comes with being a professional musician can easily distract us from how much fun we are having and how lucky we are to have a job that allows us to make music every day.

I propose that we stop taking music quite so seriously. I propose that choir directors let themselves relax and have a laugh every now and then. And what better thing to laugh at than ourselves?

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This month’s theme: Choir Directors