Choir music folders: love them or hate them, they are a necessary tool for all singers who sing in a group setting. They keep all of your music in the same place and protect your octavos from the elements. In some cases, the folders are holding your music together. You may have cantatas with covers falling off or pages sliding out – in these situations, the choir music folder is your best friend.

Of course, the alternative option is no folder – and that usually means that the singers have been forced to memorize their music. Heaven forbid this should ever happen to you. If it has, I am very sorry.

I’ve had the chance to use quite a few different kinds of choir music folders in the ensembles that I have sung in during the last few years, so naturally, that sparked the question: what type of choir music folder is best, and why?

I came up with a list of requirements that I believe all help to create a good quality choir folder:

  • The folder needs to be sturdy
  • The folder needs to hold the music in securely
  • It should be able to hold multiple sizes of music
  • Bonus! There should be a spot to keep a pencil

I reached out to several different folder manufacturers and distributors regarding their products and hoping to test some of them out. CBP-Black Folder was one of the few companies that responded to my emails and offered to send me some samples of their products. I spoke with Quinn and Patricia, and they were very quick to respond to any questions I had regarding their products. It was an overall very lovely experience!

Is it the World’s Best Choral Folder?

The folder they sent me to review was the Deluxe Snap Folder – a classic black choir folder with a strong outer-body, inside folder pockets, strings, and a bonus pencil spot! There are ten strings on the inside of the folder that are sturdy and can hold multiple sizes of music securely in the folder. The back of the folder contains a nylon strap that spans across the spine so you can comfortably hold the folder. There is also a nylon strap that spans across the bottom of the folder, which I find helps to keep the music from sliding out the bottom of the folder if you happen to be singing from loose-leafed pages. The folder sits at about 13 ounces, so it is still very lightweight and will not cause your arm to become too tired during concerts.

CBP-Black Folder said of their own product:

“Our ‘Musical Snap Folder’ has been on the market for over a decade and has satisfied thousands of singers and musicians.”

It is also important to mention that CBP-Black Folder offers quantity discounts, and they have special price lists for wholesalers and distributors.

I was very pleased with the overall quality of the folder sent to me by CBP-Black Folder. As far as I’m concerned, it met all of the requirements that I laid out above and in previous articles. For more information on the folder and other products offered by CBP-Black Folder, check out the video below and CBP-Black Folder’s website.

Thank you so much to CBP-Black Folder for the opportunity to review their products! Stay tuned for even more folder reviews on our blog and our YouTube channel.