It seems to me that the more people I get to know in the music world – especially music students – the more I learn that we have more in common than only our love for music.  We also share a deep and profound love for music memes.

I’m not quite sure what it is about music memes that students love so much. Maybe it’s the distraction they offer. Maybe it’s the self-awareness and acknowledgment of existential dread.

Either way, it’s nice to now be in an environment where it is not viewed as strange to have a folder on your computer marked “choir memes”.

Another thing I have noticed among music students is that for every ounce of love they have for music memes, they hold an ounce of hate for music theory. This is something I don’t truly understand. I love music theory! I really enjoy learning the ins and outs of what makes music such a beautiful art form, and watching music come together in a mathematical way is absolutely fascinating to me. 

But it’s not for everyone. Just ask the girl who recently ran out of my Aural Skills class in tears after the professor gave us a particularly syncopated rhythmic dictation exercise.

Shout-out to you, sweetie.

I may have a solution for the people who drastically hate music theory and have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that, whether we enjoy it or not, it is a part of our lives as musicians.

Memes just may be the solution to that problem.

Take some time and laugh at music theory. I would argue that there is not anything wrong with giving yourself a little break every now and then to laugh. Here are a few memes to distract you. They’re about music theory, composer quirks, and other things we come across in our lives as musicians. Laugh at these memes. Laugh at yourself. And if you still can’t understand music theory, then for goodness sake, go to the professor’s office hours.

The Memes: