Jay Rouse continues to impact church musicians across the nation. As an accomplished composer and musician, Jay Rouse’s music has been denoted as a creative vehicle that he uses to vitalize worship. From the captivating minds of Randy Vader, Jay Rouse and Camp Kirkland, Jay Rouse presents four individual, memorable melodies to include in your Easter service. These revered compositions are ideal for a SATB choir, and create a compelling worship experience filled with emotion and adoration. 


With a performance time of 3 minutes, “Behold Calvary’s Lamb” emphasizes God’s holy intention to provide Christ as an offering in atonement for our liberation from sin. The despair of his crucifixion amends to joy in a victorious celebration of His Resurrection. This powerful composition creates an enthralling worship experience and serves as an extraordinary reminder of God’s grace. “Behold Calvary’s Lamb” has a variety of purchase options, listed below:


“No Cross, No Crown” is a compelling song which reflects on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, and dramatically recounts the events of His crucifixion. The cross, which was once the symbol of death, transforms into the emblem of life. The crown, so magnificent, now becomes the symbol of God’s redemption and everlasting love. This powerful anthem will stir the hearts of those who hear it, and has a variety of purchase options, listed below:


The work of the cross is commemorated through the triumphant “He’s Risen Hallelujah!”. Revered with emotion, this gospel-infused anthem reflects on how God wielded precious blood to reclaim us, His people. If the Holy Lamb had not endured His sacrifice, there would be no salvation for humanity. This endearing arrangement will fill your congregation with warmth, sorrow, and rejoicing. “He’s Risen Hallelujah!” has a variety of purchase options, listed below:


“He Obeyed Unto Death” (November, 2002) features the dynamic musical style that audiences have come to expect from Randy Vader and Jay Rouse. It exemplifies The Lord’s dedication to His servants, humbling Himself and yielding to the will of God, ultimately releasing us from our sins. With poignant and beautiful lyrics, this praiseful song and its virtue will be brought to life in your church. “He Obeyed Unto Death” has a variety of purchase options, listed below:

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