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ACDA 2023

February 22-25
Cincinnati, Ohio

Fred Bock Publishing Group’s is proud to be a part of the American Choral Directors Association 2023 National Conference and representing the music of headlining conductors and performances.

Please come visit us and say hello at our ACDA 2023 Bo0th!

A Choral Kaleidoscope

Fred Bock Publishing Group Reading Session


FEB. 22

11:00 AM

Duke Energy Convention Center

Room 206-262

Pearl Shangkuan, Editor of Hinshaw Music, an international choral music publishing company.


Conductor, Lecturer, and Clinician

Brandon Boyd, editor for Gentry Publications, a choral music publishing company.


Conductor, Educator, Composer and Arranger

Tom Shelton


Conductor, Composer, and Educator

Bradley Ellingboe, editor of National Music Publishers which celebrates the best of Western European traditions in music ranging from classical editions to new composers.


Conductor, soloist, Composer and Scholar

Hinshaw Music, Gentry Publications, Pavane Publishing and National Music Publishers present this very special session with clinicians Brandon Boyd, Pearl Shangkuan, Tom Shelton and Brad Ellingboe at the 2023 American Choral Directors Association National Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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ACDA 2023 Featured Music

"ADomini Tu Mihi Lavas Pedes"

Composed by José Maurício Nunes Garcia and arranged by Michelle Jensen


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"This Land is Your Land"

Composed by Woody Guthrie, arranged by Blake Morgan


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The Music Of Living – TB/TTB/TTBB

"The Music of Living"

Composed & Arranged by Dan Forrest


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"Summer is Gone"

Composed by Samuel Coleridge Taylor, authored by Christina Rossetti


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HPC7105 286591<br />
We’re Marching To Zion – SATB Divisi

"We’re Marching To Zion"

Words and Music by Raymond Wise


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"A Red, Red Rose"

Music by Richard Burchard and text by Robert Burns


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Composed by Denise LL Onen, authored by Denise LL Onen


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Details Coming Soon


"Im Wald"

Details Coming Soon


"Of Life and Of Living"

Details Coming Soon


Fred Bock Publishing Group

ACDA 2023 Headlining Conductors and Performances

Bruce Rogers

Bruce Rogers

Bruce Rogers is the Director of Choral Activities at Mt. San Antonio College in California and presides over the department’s vocal and choral programs, which encompass a wide array musical styles that includes everything from classical to jazz. Under Mr. Rogers direction, choirs have excelled in national and international competitions throughout the world.

Mr. Rogers publishes his Bruce Rogers Choral Series with Fred Bock Publishing Group imprint, Gentry Publications.

Pearl Shangkuan

Pearl Shangkuan

The Fred Bock Publishing Group (FBPG) proudly announces that Dr. Pearl Shangkuan will lead the ACDA SSAA Honor Choir at the National Conference in 2023. Dr. Shangkuan is the Editor of Hinshaw Music and is a Professor at Calvin University where she serves as Director of Choral Activities. She is a highly respected choral conductor and educator with a wealth of experience in leading vocal ensembles of all levels.

   New Music Available Soon!

“Siyaphambili (We Are Moving)”
Catalog #HMC2675

“A Light Within”
Catalog #HMC2670

“A Red, Red Rose”
Catalog #HMC2692

Jason Max Ferdinand

Jason Max Ferdinand Singers

The Jason Max Ferdinand Singers is a choir led by Dr. Ferdinand, who also serves as the Director of Choral Activities at the University of Maryland, College Park. This group performs a diverse repertoire of musical pieces under Dr. Ferdinand’s direction. Dr. Ferdinand is passionate about his work and is dedicated to breathe life into the works of outstanding composers

   New Music Available Soon!

“This Land Is Your Land”
Catalog #JG2647

Catalog #JG2663

Michelle Jensen

Michelle Jensen

The Fred Bock Publishing Group (FBPG) is pleased to announce that Michelle Jensen will be conducting The Sterling Ensemble at the 2023 ACDA National Conference.

Michelle Jensen, MM, is a choral director, clinician, and teacher. Currently directing the Chamber Singers and teaching in the area of Music Education at Azusa Pacific University, she has also served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Southern California.

The Sterling Ensemble is a community of diverse singers, performing traditional and modern choral works in Los Angeles

   New Music Available Soon!

“Im Wald”
Catalog #NM1084

“Summer Is Gone”
Catalog #JG2655

“A Red, Red Rose”
Catalog #JG2523

“Domini tu mini lavas pedes”
Catalog #JG2665

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